Infrastructure monitoring

  • Structural health monitoring system
  • Dam monitoring system
  • Anti-intrusion zone monitoring system
  • Geotechnical monitoring system
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Meteorological observation system

The automatic meteorological monitoring system was built by Damas based on the equipment of Campbell Scientific. Campbell Scientific’s meteorological stations have become the global standard for meteorological monitoring solutions.

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Energy monitoring system

Damas energy monitoring systems are built to meet standards such as IEC 61400-12-1 for wind turbine efficiency measurement or CAISO standard for solar energy monitoring.

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Water monitoring system

With the increasing demand for water monitoring, Damas is actively working with the world’s leading manufacturers of monitoring equipment for water environment to help customers provide solutions for this problem. monitoring fresh water, wastewater, salt water or other special applications

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Airport beacon system

Damas offers a complete solution for aviation beacon systems, allowing upgrades to the latest smart technologies and integration into existing beacon systems.

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Automatic meteorological monitoring system

Damas Automated Meteorological Monitoring (AWOS) solution is comprehensive, automated and always scalable to help keep the airport running under any weather.