Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Structural Health Monitoring

Large structures pose a significant risk to lives and property around them in case they fail. Continuous monitoring and preventive maintenance are therefore critical. Damas provide a full scale of solution for Structural Health Monitoring using traditional sensor like strain gauges, accelerometer, displacement sensor, tiltmeter, temperature sensor or using optic-sensing cable technology with high precision from world’s leading measurement instrument manufactures.

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Structural Health Monitoring
  • Dam Monitoring

Large Structure like Dam and Dike are always at risk not just from movement but also earth quakes, land slide, moisture and temperature in the structure… Dam monitoring systems are unique because of the many types of measurements they are required to collect. Our solution can measure everything from water level and flow to strain and vibration, as well as a variety of other parameters. In addition to real-time data measurement, our systems will alert you of changes in factors such as water level, load, pressure, land displacement and tilt if they move beyond acceptable ranges. Our systems are rugged, low power, and adaptable to the harshest, most remote environments. Our team is ready to help you build a dam monitoring system customized to the measurements you need.

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Dam Monitoring
  • Perimeter Control

The need to protect strategically important military and civilian locations from unauthorized entry is increasing. This can be along a sparsely inhabited borders, around the perimeter of busy airports, protecting prisons or around other important objects. Damas provide a solution for Perimeter Control using Optic-sensing cable. Perimeter monitoring applications utilize acoustic and vibration-sensitive cables. They register noise and the vibrations caused by approaching objects. In this way, a trespasser can be detected and localized within 5 meters. With the application of two parallel sensor cables, the direction and speed of moving objects can be determined. Sensor cables can also be integrated into fencing material in order to detect tampering or an unauthorized breach.

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Perimeter Control
  • Geotechnical monitoring

Geotechnical applications are used where there is a need to monitor and understand ground movement such as in mines or with large geotechnical construction sites. The design, performance, and longevity of geotechnical structures is dependent on natural materials that are impacted by many uncontrollable and unforeseen factors. Damas specializes in the design and use of data-acquisition equipment that will monitor dams, levees, slopes, roadways, and mines. We enable data-driven decisions regarding the safety, designs, maintenance, and performance of geotechnical structures worldwide.

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Geotechnical monitoring