Extra Low Voltage System (ELV)

Light electrical systems are often called by other names, ELV (EXTRA LOW VOLTAGE SYSTEM), Light electrical systems include: telephone systems, cameras, televisions… These systems have small value in the construction, but bring great benefits and convenience to users and project investors.

Light electrical systems usually account for 10-20% of the project value, but they determine the quality level of the work. Light electrical systems are essentially high-tech systems that are always improved and upgraded in technology for the purpose of making it more user-friendly.

One of such systems includes the following systems:

  1. DATA & TEL SYSTEM: to maintain the connection of the building with the outside
  2. CCTV SYSTEM: used in monitoring or security monitoring applications for constructions
  3. PA SYSTEM: Short for “PUBLIC ADRRESS SYSTEM”, is a public announcement sound system, to convey information, messages and notifications as well as emergency announcements in the constructions.
  4. ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM: this is the access management system in the building, to limit access and manage the doors as well as the elevators.
  5. BMS (Building Management System) or BAS (Building Automation System): is called a building management system, used in integrating systems in the building to manage and monitor the status in order to save energy. and automatic management.
  6. CAR PARKING SYSTEM: is a smart and automatic parking management system

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