Binh Duong Post Office goes through the days of the COVID-19 epidemic with a continuous flow

So Vietnam, we have overcome 3 waves of Covid-19 epidemic and now we are struggling to overcome the Covid-19 epidemic wave number 4. From the early days of fighting the epidemic until now, there must have been Perhaps many people have seen the contributions and sacrifices of the Postal workers to the country for the society, good and bad, praise and criticism is enough. But with the tradition of the postal industry, Binh Duong post office still strives day by day to dedicate and serve the country for the province with the continuous flow.

With the current outbreak of Covid-19 wave No. 4, the demand for documents, documents and goods delivered via postal services of people and businesses has increased. In that context, Binh Duong Post Office has made many solutions and efforts in all activities to both improve the quality of public postal services and actively participate in epidemic prevention and control activities in the community. copper.

When the epidemic broke out, blockade checkpoints sprang up everywhere, it was also the time when people changed the trend of handling administrative procedures, transferring administrative documents by post, buying and selling goods online.

Public administration post offices become the focal point to receive documents to handle administrative procedures for the people, an effective extension arm for People’s Committees at all levels to fulfill the task of serving the people and preventing the Covid-19 epidemic. 19 effective.

Every month, through divisions in the postal system, the Provincial Post Office pays salaries and social allowances to thousands of pensioners, revolutionaries, and social protection beneficiaries in Binh Duong province. Positive..

Not only does it act as an “extension arm” for receiving and returning results of administrative procedures, contributing to limiting the gathering of people, keeping safe during the epidemic season, but recently, the Provincial Post Office also cooperated with the Department of Industry and Trade and the Market Management Department of Binh Duong province to support the consumption of lychee for farmers in Bac Giang province. The program to support the consumption of Bac Giang lychee products aims to implement Directive 08/CT-BCT dated May 25, 2021 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on creating favorable conditions in circulation and enhancing support for consumption. Consume in the domestic market agricultural products of localities with large agricultural output, concentrated production in the context of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic.

From those baggage when Binh Duong became the Covid-19 epidemic center after Ho Chi Minh City. Binh Duong Post Office and Postal workers with yellow shirts like diligent bees continue to coordinate with the Department of Industry and Trade to provide essential goods to people’s homes at stable prices, so that people can feel secure. implement directive 16 of the provincial government’s direction.

“Fighting the epidemic is like fighting the enemy”, so with the flow following the forebears who communicated in the long-term resistance wars, now the Covid-19 epidemic does not have the sound of guns and bombs, but it is like an invisible killer, Yellow bees are still hard at work serving their homeland and the country.

Every day, you go to see dozens of people, even though you have fully implemented the regulations on epidemic protection such as: masks, hand sanitizer, keeping a distance, but the danger is always present, so worrying is inevitable. Hopefully soon there will be a vaccine to prevent the epidemic so that the country can get rid of the Covid night and help the postmen safer and more secure in the process of delivery and delivery.

Vietnam! Oh Binh Duong! try to force yourself to stand up and it will pass and will return to the bustling atmosphere and bustling streets of the day. When the epidemic is over, life returns to normal. Everyone can go to work, the children can go to school. Life is as smooth as waking up in the morning, we have one more day to love.